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Raw Pumpkin Seeds – 500 g

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These are the same seeds used to press the P.G.I. oil. Grown in Styria, Austria.

Gluten Free, Non GMO

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These are the same seeds used to press the P.G.I. Pumpkin Seed oil. Grown in Styria, Austria.

Styrian Gold pumpkin seeds grow in the pumpkin without a shell. They are large and dark green, still alive!!!….can be sprouted…see the photo!!!

They are grown naturally (without the use of herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers), and are certified GMO free.

These shelless beauties are packed with anti-oxydents, vitamins and minerals making them a tasty SUPERFOOD.

What make them different then North American pumpkin seeds? CLICK HERE to find out.

Packaged in Canada.

Gluten Free, Non GMO

Storage: keep away from moisture and keep in a dark place.

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Weight .675 kg
Dimensions 17.0 × 8.0 × 26.0 cm


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