Welcome to our Video Gallery.

Here are a selection of videos relevant to many aspects of Styrian Gold Pumpkin oil and products from Austria.

First is a fantastic documentary created by Romana Casata and the 3Sat Austrian TV Station about Styria and the culture that has been built around this rare and valuable Pumpkin seed oil. It’s in German language and now with English subtitles!

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder makes it’s debut! For the best smoothies and superior baking recipes!

Here is a short video of the city in the heart of Styria – GRAZ, Austria

Another short video of Styria, Austria (Steiermark) See if you can spot the bottle of pumpkin seed oil on the table in the restaurant!


Here is the longer version of the same video to the left:

Main Styrian Gold products

And for the musically inclined rock fans, here is (now famous band) STS with their hit “Steiermark” CLICK HERE