Styrian Gold – Pumpkin Seed Oil, Seeds and Protein Powder Now Available in Canada

Delightfully Delicious, Naturally Nutritious!…..

….and a little bit of magic!

Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is prized far beyond the borders of Styria, (Steiermark) a province in the south of Austria. This award winning, unrefined, 100% pure Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil, is thicker and has a darker green colour, compared to pumpkin seed oils pressed from North American pumpkins. The Styrian oil has a unique, nutty aroma, light, smooth taste and is praised for its palatability and flavour enhancing qualities. It is mainly used as a finishing oil for cold dishes, and is typically drizzled over salads, vegetables, soups and deserts. The oil and seeds are being used globally in creative ways by a growing number of chefs, to entice their customers.

Not a lot of Canadians (yet) know about this special Styrian oil pumpkin that is grown just for the seeds. Austrians have been pressing these shell-less and extremely healthy seeds into a beautiful oil for generations using traditional methods. This includes warming up the seeds just enough to separate the fat from the protein (far below roasting temperatures) but not enough to damage the delicate nutrients found in the oil. Now we want to bring this great food to Canada so that Canadians can enjoy this unique, healthy and great tasting oil.

And, in case you haven’t heard, the health benefits of Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil are quite astounding! Being naturally packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals vital for our bodily functions, particularly our plumbing, (which includes the liver, bladder, urinary tract and prostate) it is quickly becoming the wise choice for health professionals and health conscious people all over the world as a natural, wholesome, versatile and great tasting alternative.

A versatile and wholesome super food, it is a staple of the Austrian diet. 

This website contains facts about the history of Styrian pumpkins, about the health benefits of pumpkin seeds, the fine oil, what to look for in the best quality pumpkin seed oils, the therapeutic uses of pumpkin seed oil, a list for further reading on the subject, and a test selection of recommended recipes. 

Our Canadian company, Styrian Gold Inc., imports the oil, seeds and protein powder directly from one of the oldest and most reputable oil pressing Companies in the heart of Styria. We carefully package these products at our facility in Alliston, Ontario making this fantastic, one of a kind oil, amazing seeds and unique protein powder available to healthy conscious people through our growing number of health food stores and specialty food stores throughout Canada.


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